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Guide to 30 is a collection of information, tools and guidance for women leaving their 20s and embarking on a journey to discover the ultimate guide to their 30s. Unlock your best life by mastering the milestone of turning 30 and together let's redefine what it means to thrive throughout a new decade. If you are looking for advice from women dominating their 30s by figuring it out in a new world at a new age, you've come to the right place! Learn more with Why Guide to 30

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If I’m being honest, I originally began this blog partially because I was so afraid to turn 30. Society sometimes paints a picture that turning 30 means you're old, especially as a woman.

In order to find the 30’s validation I need...

If you read Turning 30 - My Hardest, Most Transformative Year Yet, you know that I had to make life changes in an instant and turning vegan / plant based was one of those quick pivots that I decided to make. Despite how challenging it may seem, becom...

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and if you are deciding to celebrate Galentine’s Day instead, but not quite happy about it, here’s our tips on how to be 30, single and happy.


Shift Your Mindset

When you are single and wanting to be in...

Turning 30 wasn’t something I feared, in fact I'd been looking forward to it for at least a decade. My 20’s were certainly an adventure but a mess. I thought if I could just turn 30 I would have it all; life would be easier and all my goals and dream...

It’s pretty obvious that we are all awesome, amazing, intelligent and fabulous 30 something’s (hair flip), but if you want the science behind the 30’s awesomeness, checkout the 7 stats behind why we are the coolest age group in town....

Having a guide for mastering your finances for turning 30 and being in your 30s is a must! Here's 6 ultimate goals to guide you to the best strategy for taking charge of your finances as a woman in her 30s. 

1. Set Goals 

If you aren't strate...

It’s officially Aquarius season! Happy 30-something Birthday to you! 

Here’s some cool secrets as to why you rock: 

1. Aquarius thinks for themself and likes to keep an open mind. 

2. Aquarius welcomes change and can be a bit unpredictable at times...

Top 70 inspiring success, love  and finance quotes for woman in their 30s.

I started tuning into Apple podcasts shortly before turning 30 and I must say, listening to podcasts was a life changer for me. Initially I began listening as a form of therapy to help boost my confidence in the workplace, which also to doubled as a...

Many of us may assume the misconception that the decision making process in your 30's is instantly a breeze. While at age 30 we care less about what others think and are more confident in ourselves, making tough choices at 30 can be just as hard as w...

Life in your 20's truly preps you for life in your 30's. All of the bad times, good times, lessons, missed opportunities, new opportunities molds us into the woman we are today. What major habits do we recommend that you learn (and ditch) for masteri...

The best thing about turning 30 is I realized that the things I've learned along the way has created a strong foundation for confidence in my 30s. However, when I take a moment to reflect on my journey in my 20s there are a few things that I wish I k...

As we grow and change, naturally our bodies evolve as well. But what changes should we expect in our 30’s and how can we prep? Guide to 30 has identified 5 major events that take place as you turn and transition through your 30's and what you can do...

With our many daily priorities and packed schedules, we all have to pick and choose what to make time for. Therefore, Guide to 30 is presenting our daily beauty tips and on the go beauty secrets for what NOT to skip in your beauty routine.  I appreci...

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