17 Habits for Mastering Life in Your 30s

Life in your 20's truly preps you for life in your 30's. All of the bad times, good times, lessons, missed opportunities, new opportunities molds us into the woman we are today. What major habits do we recommend that you learn (and ditch) for mastering life in your 30's? Check it out... 



1. Travel

Add this to your cool ideas bucket list and make a goal to travel as often as you can. This doesn't mean you have to take a 15 hour flight to get to your destination. Take a road trip 2 towns over to go somewhere different and see something different. Also, try to plan one major vacation a year, even if that means taking a solo trip. While I'm not a major traveler ( I am terrified of flying, any tips?) It's no secret that going to new places and experiencing new things can change your mindset and allow you to open your eyes to new things. 



2. Annual Physical

Doesn't sound too sexy, I get it, but it's reality. I've always hated going to doctor, but upon my approach to age 30 I had to get over it and realize that checking in on my body once a year doesn't take much out of me. Make this a habit and go annually. 


3. Do What a Makes You Happy

I mentioned this as one of the tips in "What I Wish I Knew Before 30". It's worth mentioning it as a goal because we only get one life so you should always, always do what makes you happy, whatever that may be. You (no one else) is responsible for your happiness. If you don't take control of your own happiness in your 30s, who will?  


4. Be Kind - Everyone is Fighting Some Battle

I truly believe in good karma and bad karma. No matter how bad your day or situation is I can almost guarantee that someone else is facing something worse. Spread kindness - not only does it transfer to other people, but being kind and having a positive attitude is great for your mental state. 


5. Workout

Nothing new here, but making this a habit is a must. It's the key to keeping yourself looking and feeling healthy. If for nothing else, working out releases endorphins ultimately making you happy, improves your mood and clears your mind. 




6. Eat Healthy

Closer to my 30s I became aware of the body changes at 30 and wanted to improve my lifestyle. I will admit I have gotten caught up in the organic food craze. However, I do feel like a lot of advertisers have gotten ahold of this market so I do worry about the validity of everything organic. While I'm in the discovery phase of organic, vegan etc. ultimately, the goal I try to put forth is to make the best food choices I can with the knowledge I have. Don't get me wrong, no one is perfect and cheat meals are welcome here! I've found when I don't allow myself to cheat from time to time, I'll completely eat bad for a week and set myself back.  


7. Have Faith & Believe 

Whether you believe in God or positive vibes or energy from the universe just think positive thoughts. Stop thinking about the tough times in your 20s! Being in your 30s, you now know that negatively will only bring you down. You have all of the control to what you tell yourself and what you believe based on the way you choose to think. 



8. Live!

As they say you only live once! Do what you want to do. Eat what you want to eat. Take that vacation. Buy that dream house. Make that career change at 30. Stop getting stuck in worrying about worse case scenario and take a risk. Just live. 


9. Find a Mentor

This doesn't mean you need to set up weekly meetings with someone you look up to and respect. Your mentor doesn't need to know that you exist, they can be younger, older, in a different industry or the same industry


10. Save & Invest

Now that you have more disposable income you have no excuse. Save for a rainy day and always have 6 months of rent accessible. Also, invest in something - the sooner the better. If you haven't started contributing to your 401K begin, checkout mutual funds, stocks or bonds - for more info checkout our guide to finances in your 30s. This is one of those things where the sooner you begin, you'll always wish you started earlier.  

12. Follow Your Dreams

In order to make this decade the very best it can be, you need to accomplish exactly what you want. Do whatever it takes to follow your dreams! 


13. Look Fear In the Face

Your 20 year old self would allow fear to be a barrier. But now you are in your 30s, fabulous and know that fear is an invitation to succeed and create lessons you'd miss out on otherwise. The thing that makes you feel the most uncomfortable is the thing you should do - don’t let fear stop you. More quotes on fear to inspire you through your 30s here.


14. Stop Trying to be Perfect

Because no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you do, you'll never be perfect. Allow yourself to fail and learn that no one is perfect. Just strive for your best because a lot of times your best is way more that others expect. 


15. Value Time Over Money

It's true what they say, you can always get more money, but you can't get more time. Time is our most valuable resource, so don't waste it. 


16. Think Positive In Every Situation 

Luckily we have the power to control the way we think, so no matter how big or small you must force yourself to think positive in every situation. Not only is there always someone going through something worse than you are, you must strive to always think positive because negative thoughts don't help the situation and only makes things worse.


17. Trust Your Gut 

With every "bad decision" I have made, I've looked back only to realize that the decision has taught me a lesson and got me to where I am today. For that reason, I can never regret a decision I have made. 


Also, it’s important to learn that getting advice from others is always helpful, but understanding that no one walks in your shoes is a powerful mindset to embody. Naturally, others can’t always offer tailored advice because they haven’t experienced exactly what you’ve experienced - frankly they just aren’t you. No one should ever question what you do, if it’s right for you. When you 100% trust your gut, you’ll have the confidence you’ll so desperately need during times of tough choices.  


It's human nature to always want to make the best decisions, but in reality, no decision is the wrong decision because it is your choice that helps you build your life story. Don't over analyze every little thing - just go for it and trust that your gut will provide you with the best narrative.



What have you learned to make a habit in your 30s?



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