My Bucket List for Turning 30

What a perfect time to create a bucket list. Some of these were on my list of things to do before 30 and others I've never tried or wanted to improve and maintain throughout 30. Read on for the best bucket list for your 30s...



  1. Travel More - fly, cruise, etc. 

  2. Buy a House

  3. Go Indoor Skydiving - Not sure I'm ready for the real thing yet 

  4. Find a Mentor - Mariah Carey ain't cutting it anymore 

  5. Talk to a Counseling professional as a habit 

  6. Have a Kid, Adopt a Kid or Be Comfortable Not Having Kids 

  7. Travel Overseas 

  8. Travel to California & Go Wine Tasting 

  9. Own or Create Something Powerful 

  10. Figure Out How to Invest - and then invest 

  11. Have Zero Debt 

  12. Get a Puppy - Aw how about a Yorkie? 

  13. See Snow - Nope, never seen snow 

  14. Buy My Favorite Car - in All Black 

  15. Take Care of My Mom and Family 

  16. Get Married & Have a Beautiful Marriage 

  17. Nourish my relationships and friendships 

  18. Commit to Working Out - Come on' you can do it!  

  19. Eat Healthy More Than Not 

  20. Keep Faith Alive - Always Believe in the process and that it will work out 

  21. Dominate in My Career 

  22. Contribute to My 401k 

  23. Decorate My Kitchen & Living Room 

  24. Invest in Real Estate 

  25. Go Horseback Riding 

  26. Take Aerial Yoga Class - Looks so much fun!

  27. Learn to Code - Basic knowledge will suffice! 

  28. Become a Girl Boss - and figure out what that means for myself

  29. Learn folding clothes is a must in life - This is a tall order 

  30. Take a cooking class and cook new things 

  31. Visit the doctor at least once annually

  32. Never give up, on anything 

  33. Learn Spanish 

  34. Constantly Try New Things 

  35. Go Zip Lining 

  36. Stay in a Cabin in the winter 

  37. Get a Spa Membership - yes, please!  

  38. Read More Books 

  39. Communicate Exceptionally 

  40. Never Stop Learning 

  41. Take a Hot Air Ballon Ride 

  42. Go Tubing in a River  

  43. Visit Thailand 

  44. See a Black Sand Beach 

  45. Discover the best tips to manage money - professional tips 

  46. Have Clear Skin, Straight Teeth and Long hair all at once 

  47. Learn the rules of Football - no promises! 

  48. Volunteer & Contribute to Charity - Pay it forward! 

  49. Meet new people and expand my network 

  50. Wake up early before work each morning and do something great 

  51. Document my Guide to 30 

I'd love any feedback or to hear any cool bucket list ideas for 30. What's on your bucket list? 



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