Female Celebrities In their 30s & 30s to Be

If you aren't feeling great leaving your 20s for destination 30, you aren't the only one. That's why Guide to 30 is working to erase the stigma of woman turning 30 and being in their 30’s. You won't believe these celebrity singers, stars and actresses in their 30s. Not matter their status these ladies are in the same boat as you - successful and totally slaying life in their 30s! 



Emilia Clarke, 30 years old 



Jessica Alba, 36 years old



Zoe Saldana, 39 years old




Katy Perry, 32 years old



Megan Fox, 31 years old




Megan Markle, 31 years old



Mila Kunis, 34 years old




Priyanka Chopra, 35 years old


Kim Kardashian West, 36 years old



Scarlett Johansson, 32 years old


Chrissy Teigen, 31 years old



Kourtney Kardashian, 38 years old




Naya Rivera, 30 years old




Khole Kardashian, 33 years old


30s to Be 

Here's some bonus female celebrities and actresses under 30 who are killing it as 30s to be! 


Taylor Swift, 27 years old



Vanessa Hudgens, 28 years old



Rihanna, 29 years old




Emma Watson, 27 years old




Hayden Panettiere, 28 years old


Who's your fav celebs that are killing it in their 30s? 










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