Turning 30 - The Ultimate Life Lesson - My Hardest, Most Transformative Year Yet


If I’m being honest, I originally began this blog partially because I was so afraid to turn 30. Society sometimes paints a picture that turning 30 means you're old, especially as a woman.


In order to find the 30’s validation I needed, I began searching the internet to find content that supported how awesome being 30 would be. When I couldn’t find a group of 30 somethings cheering on this new decade, I decided to create my own narrative. Now that I’m in the community I’ve connected with a lot of great content. One of my favorites being the Almost 30 Podcast. (go check them out!)

My first year in my 30's

Almost a year into my 30s I look back on this wild year and as much as I wanted to report it as the best year yet, I must admit it was the hardest year to date, but it transformed me more than I can ever express. Here's why: 

In June 2018, my Mother, best friend and the person who means everything to me was diagnosed with cancer. This truly rocked my world. Everything that used to mean anything no longer meant anything. My only focus was getting my mom back to health. I lost myself, lost weight, I was depressed. This situation was even more amplified for me because I lost my dad to cancer when I was 15.

Instead of laying in my bed and crying everyday (which I wanted to) I was determined to use this as an opportunity to be strong, learn and most importantly TRANSFORM. 

Here’s what I learned in my transformation:

You Only Have One Life
Going through this experience made me truly realize that we only have one life. I decided that I needed to stop letting days pass me by. I needed to be a go getter and follow my dreams. I learned to stop overthinking and just take as much acton as I can. 

Everything is How You Interrupt it
When everything first happened I naturally thought about worse case senecio, but with the help of counseling, friends, family and reading about the mind as it relates to anxiety, I realized that I get to control my beliefs and thoughts. So I decided to believe my mom was going to be okay.  

Your Body is Your Temple
Turning 30, I knew I wanted to work out more and eat healthier. After having 2 parents with cancer, I wanted to do everything I could to take care for my body. This meant doing what was in my control -  no stressing, practicing yoga and becoming 100% vegan - check out my guide to becoming vegan overnight here.  I also tried tons of vegan green beauty products - post coming soon. 

Stress Can Control You
As you can imagine this was so stressful for me. In addition to dealing with my mom, my own health started to decline due to stress. I had full blown panic attacks, I felt pain in different parts of my body that I’ve never felt before, I kept going to the doctor even after ‘anxiety’ was the repeated medical feedback etc. I had to work like never before to not let stress control me. Through this It was made clear to me that stressing directly impacts your health. 

God Answers Prayers
This is the most important lesson. I always had faith, but I took on a faith like no other. My prayer everyday was to 'Let go and Let God'. And I’m happy to report that after months of prayer, God changed the game for my mom!! She’s now in partial remission. He answers prayers and boy am I so grateful!!!!

As I close the chapter of year 30 and embark on 31, I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and who I’ve become. Without this challenge I wouldn’t have made these changes as quickly.

At first I felt like such a hypocrite for rallying and hoping 30 was going to be amazing when it was the hardest year I’ve ever had, but now I know it was my most transformative year. I learned that no matter how bad it is, you can always learn something in every situation.  If you are reading this, please don’t wait for change to come like I did. Make it happen and feel empowered knowing that your 30’s is the best time to do it!  


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